Nothing is special about this series apart from the fact that they are captured on 35mm film, with different analog cameras, at random times when I feel like picking up the cameras and walk around. They don’t have much story behind them yet I can spend some time talk about each if we have any chance to talk in person and if you’re interested in getting to know more about them.

#The Ancient town of Hoi An

It has a charming vibe, great old buildings, good stores, restaurants, coffee shops … some of which I can visit many times without getting bored of. I can’t decide which is the most interesting thing about the ancient town, it has a lot to offer any tourist from any part of the world and each may like the town for different reasons.

But in fact I don’t like it like I imagined I would. Maybe I didn’t spend enough of time here or maybe I didn’t look close enough.

#The other neighborhoods

What I enjoy more here in Hoi An is living among locals, getting to know life, business through people I come across.

There are many underneath layers of its beauty, outside of the ancient town and laid out here and there, not hidden, just a bit subtle.

Hoi An also houses a lot of artists or people with artistic nature. They love Hoi An because they can live slow while also make art.

Bàng mùa thay lá; lá chuyển sang đỏ rất nhanh, rụng hàng loạt rất nhanh. Lớp áo xanh mới xuất hiện cũng rất nhanh mà khi ta lại để mắt tới thì lá đã lớn hơn bàn tay, lại tỏa bóng mát, xanh rì …

 A tropical almond changing its ‘color’ from red to red and to green again soon. It happens so quickly we can barely realize if do not pay attention.

#I feel like Dogs are more common than Cats here

Contrary to my experience in another Asian city with ancient town inside – Chiang Mai, I see dogs more often than cats here.

I’ve never thought that I would like dogs, in fact I don’t like them like how I feel towards cat anyway. But being around them day in and day out, since the first day I got here, helps me realize that Dogs are special creatures in many ways.

Below are some of my friends’ dogs:

I’ll be back soon for more. Soon.

All photos above are taken by me. All of them are analog photographs by the way.